About Meg - a top 10

10. Vinyl never gets old.

9. Brandi Carlile is the world's best songwriter. 

8. Photos should be printed. 

7. 35 mm film gives the most beautiful crack and color. 

6. Hansen's Snoballs are the best in town. 

5. Steve Gleason belongs in the Ring of Honor. 

4. Vernon Davis still gives me nightmares. 

3. Learning new things is fascinating. 

2. I thought Game of Thrones and Lost both ended well enough. 

  1. New Orleans is the greatest city in the world.

About Paige - a top 10

10. I only lose track of time when painting.

9. Enneagram 3

8. gluten free *womp womp*

7.  Connecting and networking is my favorite.

6. I love water beads more than my kids do.

5. I could eat nachos every day for the rest of my life.

4. Toenails painted, mascara on, and big earrings.

3. Carole Baskin didn't do it,  y'all! 

2. I cut the neck out of my t-shirts because they make me feel choke-y.

  1. New Orleans is the greatest city in the world.


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