About Me.

 I am a communications expert, writer, and photographer.  I help people and organizations tell their stories by clarifying their position in their marketplace or community, creating beautiful visuals, seamlining their branding, activating a variety of marketing initiatives, and cultivating partnerships with like-minded collaborators.

Top 5 Gallop StrengthsFinder Strengths: Strategic | Connectedness | Context | Maximizer | Adaptability

Meg's Core Beliefs: a Top 10

10. Vinyl is ageless. 

9. We live in the time of Brandi Carlile. 

8. Digital is wonderful, but photos are made to print. 

7. 35 mm film gives the most beautiful crack and color. 

6. Hansen's Snoballs are the best in town. 

5. Steve Gleason belongs in the Ring of Honor. 

4. The Saints should throw to Alvin Kamara 15x a game. 

3. Rose's door didn't have the buoyancy to hold her and Jack. 

2. Ted Lasso is the best thing on TV. 

  1. New Orleans is the greatest city in the world.



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